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4 reasons why we should choose wooden-aluminum doors and windows

When choosing exterior doors and windows, especially if the building in question has a modern design, sooner or later you will come across the question of what should be chosen, plastic or wooden doors and windows with an external aluminum cover. Is it really worth preferring aluminum-clad wood? Or is it just the latest design trend?

Anyone building or renovating a home knows the difficult decisions and trade-offs that come with it, and choosing window materials is no exception.

It is a fact that vinyl (uPVC) is cheaper and aluminum is more expensive, but both require little maintenance. Both offer good insulation value, but plastic usually gives the better one.

Although these statements are generally true, the latest wood-aluminum windows with passive house certification with extra thermal insulation can more than compete with the thermal insulation properties of plastic windows. Also, according to our experience, the price difference between the two types is decreasing.

Considering the aesthetics of the two window materials, however, it is difficult not to prefer wood-aluminum.

Wood offers unparalleled beauty, but requires regular maintenance, which many people try to avoid. The aluminum cover provides a solution for this. Solid wood windows with external aluminum cladding give the inside the beauty and cozy appearance that only nature can do.

At the same time, it should be noted that with appropriate surface treatment and the correct design of the structures, even in the case of the pure wood solution, the time interval when the door and window require 'intervention' can be significantly extended.

If we take the aesthetic and design aspects as a basis, we don't think the question is valid: should a window be made of plastic or wood covered with aluminum?

We are comparing two completely different technical and aesthetic solutions, even if the end goal is the same in function, the appearance of wood offers an additional interior design element that cannot be replaced by plastic. Of course, this is a matter of personal taste.

Aluminum is everywhere. In fact, it’s the third most plentiful element in the world (behind oxygen and silicon). Weighing just 2.7 grams per cubed centimeter, aluminum is light and strong, making it a durable, low maintenance option for customers.

Even without cloaking aluminum in another material, it’s also naturally resistant to corrosion. It features a natural protection layer made of oxide that will hold it’s own against the test of time.

Aluminum covered wooden windows therefore combine the best properties of wood and aluminum in a unique, premium system. The combination of the two materials offers a striking technical solution characterized by high thermal performance and long-term durability. It is no coincidence that the combination of the two makes wooden aluminum windows ideal for luxury apartments, passive houses and modern architectural projects. Plastic windows are currently available at a more favorable price, but in 15-20 years' time they will be a more expensive solution - cheaply available plastic windows are not very durable, they break down sooner, parts need to be replaced, they lose their thermal insulation ability, they become dull, worn, and discolored.

Wood-aluminum doors and windows can be customized. This is ensured by a wide range of wood materials and colors for aluminum cladding. The aluminum coverings can be chosen in almost any color of the RAL color scale, and special surface treatment solutions can also be imitated with them, for instance, such as the acid marten effect. Because of all this, they can be much better adapted to unique aesthetic, energy and safety needs.

Finally, one of the indisputable arguments in favor of aluminum-wood windows is the issue of environmental awareness. Compared to plastic, wood offers an environmentally conscious, sustainable solution. Also, when aluminum is ready to put out to pasture, it can be melted down and reused. Its sustainability is just another perk for homeowners who want to do their part for the environment.

So what are our 4 arguments in favor of the wooden-aluminum window?

1. The unparalleled beauty of nature in a modern appearance - an interior design element

2. Long service life, special weather resistance, with minimal maintenance

3. Flexible solutions that can be tailored to individual needs

4. A sustainable, environmentally conscious solution


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