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Our outdoor doors and windows are made of solid wood, with wood or wood-alu design in line with today's trends. In addition to the standard layered pine, we also work with oak and tropical species.

Our doors and windows are also suitable for passive houses. We are able to manufacture doors and windows with a profile thickness of 90 or 105 mm, even with an ultramodern 4 cm frame appearance.

Both solid wood and veneered versions are available for interior doors and windows. In each case, we manufacture and assemble them according to individual needs.

In addition to modern design, we also manufacture heritage windows and doors.

Wood-aluminium solutions

Aluminium covered wooden windows combine the best properties of wood and aluminium in a unique, premium system. Wood-aluminium windows lend timeless beauty, sophistication and a close-to-nature feeling to our home, while the combination of the two materials offers a weather-resistant, maintenance-free and outstanding technical solution with an outstanding heat transfer index.
An ideal choice for apartments, passive houses and modern architectural projects.

fa-alu nyílászáró_72980711.jpg
fa nyílászáró_206749697.jpg

Our wooden fenestration system
- the classic solution

Wood is a timeless style. The incomparable beauty of wood and its colours that radiate calmness are all the qualities that make it irresistible and unavoidable in interior design. It is the most beautiful and environmentally friendly solution in its simplicity. With appropriate technical design, our wooden doors and windows meet the strictest requirements of modern architectural trends.

Our entrance doors
- safety and appearance

Entrance doors must primarily be safe and functional. On the other hand, they can be very decisive in terms of the appearance of the facade of a building. That is why it is important to visually match them with the modern architectural trends or classic forms. You will find many solutions in our product range, but we also serve specific needs.

bejárati ajtó főkép.jpg
beltéri ajtó.jpg

Interior doors
- enhance the uniqueness of your home

Let your interior doors be the centrepiece of your home. By carefully designing the interior door, you can make your interiors uniform and harmonious - you can either highlight them as an important interior design element, or you can hide them. Whichever interior doors solution you are aiming for, we serve all your unique needs in premium quality.



In each case, we manufacture and install our interior doors according to individual requirements. They are available in solid wood or veneered designs, in any colour and surface treatment.

Classic doors and windows
– the eternal value

Windows and doors of monument style are very important parts of an exterior facade image. It is expected that the doors and windows are completely identical to the original one, both in terms of colour and shape. Despite the identical appearance, our heritage doors and windows fully meet the latest technical and comfort requirements. On the inside, we manufacture the window sashes with enhanced thermal insulation, while on the outside we make sashes with the same frame as the original.


Shading systems

In addition to being aesthetic, modern shading technology solutions help save energy, filter out noise from the outside world, and increase the safety of our home.


Even textile shades help keep our home cooler in the summer, while louvres and shutters provide extra insulation. After all, they not only shade more effectively in the summer, but also help to optimize the amount of energy used for heating by creating an extra thermal insulation layer.


The shading can also be connected to intelligent and automated systems, increasing the comfort of our home.


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