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Wood is a timeless style. The incomparable beauty of wood and its colours that radiate calmness are all the qualities that make it irresistible and unavoidable in interior design. It is the most beautiful and environmentally friendly solution in its simplicity. With appropriate technical design, our wooden doors and windows meet the strictest requirements of modern architectural trends.

We treat our wooden doors and windows with special care so that they retain their original beauty for a long time. Our wooden doors and windows receive a water-based industrial surface treatment in 4 work phases. The cover layer is applied at a thickness of 300 microns with a high-pressure paint sprayer.

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System features

• basic model with layer-glued, longitudinally spliced pine or spruce
• models without longitudinal extensions are also available
• oak, ash or tropical wood species are also available
• 4 Low-e-18 argon- 4 float-18 argon- 4 Low-e layered three-layer glass with Ug=0.5 Wm2K thermal transmittance and Rw`32db sound insulation
• thickness of wooden section 68-78-90 mm
• glazing thickness 24-44 mm

System features

• ROTO NT hardware system with slot ventilation and malfunction prevention
• Deventer SV12 or Deventer 103b type double rubber seal
• case with rubber-sealed, rimmed Aluron AWZ 14/22 thermal bridge-free water jet
• Wing equipped with Aluron APS 20 wing cover
• warm edge Chromatech Ultra spacer between glasses

Fa nyílászárók.jpg
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